Family Resource Center Work Group

  • Review how Family Resource Centers are organized and operate in other school districts that are implementing choice-based SES conscious student assignment plans.
  • Conduct focus groups and an on-line survey that elicits community input on how the FRC can best meet the needs of the District’s diverse families.
  • Define the mission and purpose of the District’s proposed Family Resource Center.
  • Determine a suitable location and space for the FRC.
  • Identify the information that will be made available to parents and how this information will be made accessible to all parents (e.g., printed brochure, on-line website, etc.).
  • Determine how the FRC should be staffed and organized to best meet the needs of the District’s diverse families.
  • Determine how the FRC can assist the Roberto Clemente SES target school in recruiting higher SES parents and students.
  • Identify and partner with other community agencies and organizations that are providing assistance and education related services to low-income families and at risk children.
  • Draft a written memorandum that sets forth the criteria and resources that will be needed for the development and implementation of the Community District’s Family Resource Center.