CEP Conference, CEC1 Meeting, SLT Resources, Vacancy Application Deadline, and Grant Survey 

Spring 2016 Comprehensive Educational Planning Conference

  • The DOE will host a citywide Comprehensive Educational Planning Conference from 8:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. at the Prospect Heights High School Campus (883 Classon Avenue in Brooklyn). During this conference, School Leadership Teams (SLTs) and District Leadership Teams (DLTs) will engage with NYCDOE staff in deeper discussions around furthering equity and excellence in their school communities through comprehensive educational planning that is aligned with the Framework for Great Schools. Specific topics to be covered include: comprehensive educational planning, community engagement, whole-school reform models, and a School Leadership Team Panel Discussion to Promote Equity and Excellence.
  • Registration is open, and workshop descriptions are available. 
  • Questions? Email OSFEP@schools.nyc.gov.

CEC Calendar and Business Meeting

  • Join the CEC for Committee and Superintendent Updates at our April meeting. And bring your questions about applying to fill a vacancy on the CEC (see below)!
  • Wed. April 13, 6:00 – 8:30pm, 166 Essex St. (PS 20)
  • Free childcare and refreshments provided: RSVP tocec1@schools.nyc.gov.

SLT Resources

Vacancy Applications: Deadline

* the parent of a student who currently attends kindergarten through 8th grade in a school under the jurisdiction of CSD1. “Parent” includes a parent by birth or adoption, step parent or foster parent; legal guardian; or person in parental relation to a child. A person in parental relation to a child is a person who is directly responsible for the care and custody of the child a regular basis in lieu of a parent or legal guardian.
** the parent (see definition above) of a child who either currently is in a bilingual or ESL program or was in such a program within the previous two years.

Parent Action Conference, CEC1 Meetings, Kindergarten Update, and More 

  • Registration is open for the 2015 Parent Action Conference, co-sponsored by Class Size Matters, NYC KidsPAC, Education Council Consortium, and CEC 15.
    • From Class Size Matters: We have troubling reports of increased class sizes in many NYC schools this year, particularly in Kindergarten, where the union cap of 25 is apparently being ignored. Please take our survey and tell us what the class sizes are in your school this fall, and if you know of schools where the Kindergarten class size limit of 25 is being violated. The UFT contractual limits in other grades are here. Sadly, these caps have not improved in fifty years.
    • The Independent Budget Office issued a report confirming that the number of NYC students in overcrowded schools has been rising, with 452,404 students enrolled in schools in 2013-2014 rated at 102.5% utilization or more. 
  • Class size will be the focus of CEC1’s Business and Calendar Meeting on November 18th at 6pm at PS 20. Please save the date!
  • In the meantime, don’t forget to RSVP for the October 21st Middle School Panel at PS 20: Meet-and-greet at 5:15pm; Panel at 6pm.
  • Gifted and Talented information sessions are listed on the DOE’s website along with related resources.
  • The DOE announced a change to the kindergarten application open date today.
  • Space utilization changes and community schools are the subjects of recent public notices from the Panel for Educational Policy.
  • Upcoming Meetings: Presidents Council Meeting: 10/9/15, Meeting begins at 9am at PS 20; District Leadership Team Meeting:10/15/15, Meeting begins at 10am at PS 20

Pearson’s upcoming Field Tests- you can say NO!

Change the Stakes


Click here for a list of D1 schools with upcoming Field Tests

What is a “Field Test?”

Field tests are used by Pearson and other test developers to “try out” new questions for future exams. Some field test items are included in annual NYS exams.  Although these items don’t count toward students’ scores, they make the exams longer and contribute to children not finishing. New York State also asks schools to conduct “stand alone” field tests.

What’s Wrong with Field Tests?

Field tests are an integral part of high-stakes-testing, a system that narrows curriculum and dampens children’s natural enthusiasm for learning. When the stakes are unreasonably high, it encourages widespread teaching to the test and cheating, wastes ever-shrinking resources, and results in inaccurate measures of student performance.

Field tests provide misleading data. Children aren’t motivated to do well on “trial” exams.
  • Reputable researchers spell out their aims, invite participation, and pay subjects. This is not the case with test publishers. Children provide free labor for product-testing, while their parents and even their schools are kept in the dark.

Why Opt Out?

No child is required to take a field test, and opting out will in no way harm their record, their teachers, or their school.

Publishers of field tests see them as essential for creating standardized exams. Without field tests, they argue, there would be no exams. So opting out is a powerful way to demonstrate your opposition to high-stakes testing.

How to Opt Out

  1. Ask you child’s principal when  field tests will be given at your school (typically only one or two grades are tested).
  2. Share your concerns about field tests with this other parents and see if you can get a group to opt out.
  3. Send a letter to your principal saying that your child will not participate in field tests.
  4. Work with the principal and your child’s teacher to make sure parents are informed about tests and that students who opt out of field tests are allowed to read or engage in another meaningful activity during the test.

Fact Sheets

Say “NO!” to Field Testing (pdf)

Sample letter for opting out of field tests

2014 NYC Stand-Alone Field Test Assignment Matrix

Analysis of Embedded Field Test Items in Book1, Day 1 ELA by Fred Smith

Why the Upcoming 2014 Field Tests Are A Know-No 




Middle School applications are due by DECEMBER 13TH !!

Click here to see the DOE Middle School Process Calendar

Kidergarten Application process begins January, 13th 2014 and ends on February 14th, 2014.

Placement offers will begin coming in April and pre-registration will take place late April.

As previously piloted in District 1, families will now be able to register online using Kindergarten Connect

Click here for more information!