Complete the Family Resource Center Work Group Survey

All families of Community School District 1 students are invited to help the SIPP grant team to plan a Family Resource Center for District 1 by filling out a survey at one of these links: English Spanish Chinese The survey will help create the needs assessment that will be used to develop the services offered by … Continue reading Complete the Family Resource Center Work Group Survey

Analysis of Impact: New York City Charter School of the Arts

Thank you to the community members who spoke at last week's public hearing about the impact of the proposed New York City Charter School of the Arts on our local middle schools. The school is applying for a Fall 2016 opening with an eventual enrollment of 300 students. Here is CEC1's analysis of the proposed school's impact, submitted … Continue reading Analysis of Impact: New York City Charter School of the Arts

News, Links, and Save the Dates from CEC 1

The District 1 Leadership Team (DLT) Engagement Pilot will kick off in September. The pilot will involve a community-based needs assessment and goal setting process to inform the Office of District Planning. The Office of District Planning (ODP) "improves opportunities for students by creating and supporting high-quality schools and programs. Every year ODP assesses the needs … Continue reading News, Links, and Save the Dates from CEC 1

School Diversity Workshops Report

Available below is the CEC report on the 2014-2015 year-long, Districtwide School Diversity Workshop series, outlining the need that drove us to create the workshops, the history of diversity-conscious admissions in D1, the workshop process, and the data outcomes. Along with the report, we distributed a survey for the D1 community to kindly complete and distribute. … Continue reading School Diversity Workshops Report

Diversity Town Hall

Click HERE to see the data and text of the presentation from this past Wednesday! And don't forget to check out the article from Chalkbeat about the Q&A with Chancellor Farina on Wednesday, 9/17:

CEC 1 Gym Survey in the news!

"It's just sad," said Mark Federman, the school's principal. "You look at a suburban school or a private school and it's just something that you would never imagine — a high school without a gym." The East 12th Street high school is just one of many in the area without recreation space, according to a new … Continue reading CEC 1 Gym Survey in the news!

Colocation in District 1

Co-location of schools can take many different forms, even within one city. However, the underlying commonality is that community voice has previously been neglected.  We encourage you to check out our Co-location of UNHS page for more information and to learn more about how you can become involved. Check back often as we will be frequently updating … Continue reading Colocation in District 1