Year-End Reports, D1

2016-2017 Year-End Report
2016-2017 Socioeconomic Report; next steps?  The $500,000 question
  • And please look at our year-end D1 socioeconomic integration report
  • We outline necessary next steps
    • Reinstate regular and collaborative meetings
    • Provide resources to make good on commitments
    • Build accountability
    • Adhere to the terms of the 2015 SIPP grant
  • N.Y. State is now said to be set to release $500,000 on (or around) July 1 ($250,000 for P.S. 15 and $250,000 to the district) for 2017-2018.
  • How should the socioeconomic integration money be spent?


Reminder:  We are Hiring – CEC Administrative Assistant

Next CEC Meeting
  • CEC Calendar and Business Meeting, 7/19/17, 6:00 p.m., PS 20 (166 Essex St.)